Favorite book formats

Most people, it seems, have a favorite book format. Some are quite outspoken about liking – or disliking – a certain format, while others seem to just be quietly drawn to one type. Some choose a format out of necessity – large print or audio, for example.

I used to be a snob about ebooks, but now, they are my favorite format. I love the convenience and ease of use. I don’t have the best vision, so I love being able to adjust to fonts and colors that are easier for me to see (I prefer a dark background with white text). I love that I don’t have to worry about finding good lighting to read in, because my tablet is already lit up. By far, most of my reading in the past several years has consisted of ebooks. I’m so used to it, I sometimes try to swipe a page instead of turning it when I’m reading a paper book.

My second favorite book format is the mass-market paperback. There are, generally, two different types of paperbacks. Trade paperbacks are about the size of a hardcover book, but with a paper cover instead. Mass-market paperbacks are considerably smaller. I love mass-market paperbacks because they are light and easy to hold onto (most of the time; really long books don’t work very well in mass-market size). They are very portable – easy to toss into a purse, beach bag, or suitcase.

I think my next favorite format is probably the audiobook. I’ve come to believe that nearly any task is made bearable with an audiobook. A day of cleaning and doing laundry becomes much more pleasant with an audiobook playing. I have a bluetooth speaker that is my frequent companion around the house. It perches on the arm of the chair or couch, lounges in the laundry basket, and witnesses my morning makeup routine while dutifully projecting whatever audiobook I’ve currently got downloaded on my phone.

We are so lucky to have books in formats for any occasion and available to people of all abilities. What is your favorite way to read?

Happy reading!