Free computer accessInternet Access Agreement

Tracy Public Library provides public access to the Internet for its patrons free of charge, except for printing costs.

In order to use this resource, I agree to the following:




  1. I agree to use the Internet responsibly and will be accountable for the content of any messages I post.
  2. I will not interfere with the work of others, or with the performance of the network, by attempting to “hack” passwords, gain entry to closed areas of the network, or by introducing computer viruses.
  3. I will respect the time limit. Two hours total for the day.
  4. I understand that the network is a social community with accepted standards of behavior. I agree to use appropriate language and to avoid launching personal attacks on people whose opinions differ from mine.
  5. I will respect copyright, and avoid using network resources to promote illegal activities.Library sign
  6. For safety purposes, I will avoid posting personal information about myself or people I know.
  7. I will be responsible for any hardware or software damage I cause.
  8. I will be responsible for any cost incurred as a result of my Internet activities.
  9. I will not intentionally access any site which is pornographic, obscene or “harmful to minors”.
  10. If such a site appears accidentally, I will immediately report it to the librarian.
  11. I recognize that use of the library equipment and connectivity is a privilege not a right and can be revoked at the discretion of library staff, or by library and/or city policy.
  12. I have read the above Agreement, understand it and agree to all the terms stated.
**For patrons under the age of 16 years of age:**
* I am a parent or guardian of the above patron and have read the above Agreement , understand it and agree to all of the terms stated. I consent to my child/ward using the Tracy Library computer on the terms stated.