Stay at Home, Learn at Home

Today is my first day of working from home. I wanted to find a way to stay connected with all of you during this time, so I decided to start a blog. I am hoping to get one blog post written every day while I am working from home, and to keep it up once I am able to return to the library.

It is also the first day of Distance Learning for my daughter and other Tracy Area Public Schools students.

First, I just want to say what an amazing job our school did in putting together a Distance Learning plan in a very short amount of time, and a stressful time at that. Thank you, teachers, paras, support staff, and administration, for all you do for our children!

I don’t know whether I am blessed or cursed to have a child who was ready to start her distance learning at 6:30 a.m. Computer time is a great motivator for my daughter, and she knew that in order to have it, she needed to get her work done, and do it without complaining.

I appreciated her enthusiasm, but that meant she had completed most of her work by 8 a.m. She went off to have her computer time, as promised, while I sat down to do some work. When she was done, I found myself thinking…now what?

Last night I had set out a package of strawberry gelatin, thinking it would be a fun and easy “cooking” activity. As it turned out, it ended up being a great companion activity for one of the worksheets my daughter had completed. She is learning how to read a thermometer, and we talked about the temperature at which water freezes, and the temperature at which water boils. As we made the gelatin, we talked about the boiling water. Then, we made popsicles, using a recipe of our own invention (fruit juice and lemon-lime soda). It was just a coincidence that our snack-making tied in so well to the school assignment, but it is a great reminder of how we can learn from everyday activities.

I also asked my daughter to choose one topic each day that she would like to learn about. For today, she has chosen 3D printing. Tomorrow, she would like to learn more about Easter, specifically the symbols of the holiday such as Easter eggs. Now, I know a little about these topics, but I am no expert. I was able to find ebooks on Biblioboard (ebooks Minnesota), and hoopla Digital that we will read and learn from.

We are fortunate to have so many free digital resources that we can use during this time of at-home learning. If there are subjects you’re looking for information about, why not give some of these digital resources a try? You will find the links you need at the bottom of our home page. Please note that hoopla Digital is available only in Lyon County.

If you have questions about these digital resources, or anything else, please email me at I may not be at the library right now, but I am still here to help you in any way I can.